It’s all my fault 10/8

The daily addict

Part of being in recovery requires me to become aware of my behaviors and motives.

Recently I was caught off guard and hurt by some women who were very close to me. This event brought me to a new realization about myself.

What I realized was that no matter what the circumstances I end up blaming myself. I never said it out loud but deep down I had a guilt and a blame so deep rooted …that I sincerely believed…”it’s all my fault.”

Every relationship gone wrong, every mistreatment from friends, my marriage, my drug use, my child’s autism…you name it…”it’s all my fault” is the river that runs right through me.

I did not realize this until today.

I googled it. And what came up rang true. It said many children will grow up and blame themselves for everything rather than believe that a parent or someone who…

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